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Back Pain and Head Ache Relief

Back Pain and Headache Chiropractic Success Story

Back Pain and Headaches

I love my new family at Lark Chiropractic, because I can have days, even months without headaches. I can be without back pain and I can sleep. I have never felt like being active outdoors, even with my children. Back pain and headaches kept me up all night and I didn’t have energy. I hated taking drugs to make me feel better. I didn’t know what to do.

But then I came here. Lark Chiropractic has am approach to being healthy unlike any doctor or chiropractor I’ve ever met. Everything that I go through is explained in terms that I can understand. Because if you have an understanding, you have control of your treatments as well. I have learned how to be healthy and feel good without drugs. I have learned how exercises, that were taught to me in the office, can help me at home. I feel like a new person and I’m on my way to 100%!

I’ve told everyone I know about Lark Chiropractic. I am confident that they will have them the same special treatment that I have received. My husband and daughter love it here too!

Melissa Hickman


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