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migraine and backpain relief success story

Upper Back Pain and Migraines Success Story

Upper Back Pain and Migraines

I have been seeing Lark Chiropractic for some time. I would get migraine headaches five days a week. So I wanted to do something about it.

One day while I was seeing my massage therapist, she recommended the wonderful chiropractors who really help people. She told me about Dr. Lark at Lark Chiropractic.

So I went to Dr. Lark and they took some x-rays and found out that my neck and my back were not working together like they should, They put me on a program. I started doing my exercises and icing my back. So far I don’t get migraines any more. I do feel a difference in my pain. But I still have a lot of work to do before I get better.

These doctors are very good doctors. One thing I can say remember it took my time to get like this then it will take time to heal. So be patient with the time.

Freida Vargas

Back Pain and Head Ache Relief

Back Pain and Headache Chiropractic Success Story

Back Pain and Headaches

I love my new family at Lark Chiropractic, because I can have days, even months without headaches. I can be without back pain and I can sleep. I have never felt like being active outdoors, even with my children. Back pain and headaches kept me up all night and I didn’t have energy. I hated taking drugs to make me feel better. I didn’t know what to do.

But then I came here. Lark Chiropractic has am approach to being healthy unlike any doctor or chiropractor I’ve ever met. Everything that I go through is explained in terms that I can understand. Because if you have an understanding, you have control of your treatments as well. I have learned how to be healthy and feel good without drugs. I have learned how exercises, that were taught to me in the office, can help me at home. I feel like a new person and I’m on my way to 100%!

I’ve told everyone I know about Lark Chiropractic. I am confident that they will have them the same special treatment that I have received. My husband and daughter love it here too!

Melissa Hickman


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